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Students belonging to the period 14-15 or above, pls click on the below link

Students belonging to the period, 13-14 or below, pls click on the following link
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Please visit our website regularly for the latest updates.
Welcome to MaRRS International Spelling Bee.We are proud to present Asia's largest Self motivating programme.

MaRRS spelling bee initiates students into the world of competitive learning,acting as an invaluable tool for language improvement .The healthy competitive spirit motivates the students to learn on their own without any compulsion. This self based learning improves retention and results in a systematic and structured understanding of the English language. Further the competition builds self confidence and helps them to reach their full potential .The game and activity based nature of the competition ensures the students rapt attention and utilizes their aspirations for winning games.
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Meaning: to pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it
Usage: She hesitated slightly before answering the inspector's question.
Synonyms: pause Delay, waver, waffle,
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